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Take advantage of our brand of high quality goods that readily meet quality control standards. We also readily take on requests to import goods on your behalf. We take responsibility for your importation needs at minimal risk to you. We identify produce or goods that are needed in other parts of the world and we export them.

Partner with us to implement a deployment of our 100% solar-powered houses, a revolutionary real estate development technology that is cost effective, safe and durable in any terrain. Welcome to the new real estate.

We provide energy solutions, supplying AC/DC Hybrid Solar Air Conditioners, 100% Off-Grid Air Conditioners, Solar Panels and Solar Power Systems. Our unique solar air conditioning technology requires no batteries, no inverter and no controller.

We provide Capital Project implementation services in Construction, Transportation, Agriculture, Education, Information and Communications Technology, Manufacturing and other form of Capital Projects.

Our Credibility is Undoubted

We are certified and known for delivering what we promise. Our credibility is something we do not take for granted in every transaction we carry out.

We understand the importance of integrity and how it affects the value you place on us. Simply put, we are Changzhou Quanqing, and we are committed contributing to a better you.