Author - Changzhou Quanqing

Wristwatches: A Combo of Fashion and Function

In a fast-paced world, where businesses are expanding and the daily activities are becoming a lot to deal with, it sometimes feels like the 24 hours of a day we all have is not even enough, but can we buy more time? No! whether you are as rich as Bill Gates or just as every regular hustling man or woman, we all have 24 hours and it then comes down to how we manage it. In this regard, let us [...]


Importing Goods From China to Nigeria

You might be asking yourself.  “How can I import goods from China to Nigeria”.  But, before you step into this business you must ask yourself several questions like: How and Where to find suppliers? How to decide what to sell? What price to charge customers for the goods? How to avoid scams? What areas to focus on when researching? The good news is that, beyond this article, we at Changzhou Quanqing can help you with your importation needs between China and Nigeria. We can help [...]